Scalable Systems Launches AI/ML Offering Scalable Digital

Scalable Systems launched Scalable Digital to focus on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data, aiming to solve specific vertical challenges. AI can bring substantial value to industry verticals such as Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services and Travel. Next Frontier For a Connected Enterprise. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data enable organizations to make meaningful, strategic adjustments that minimize costs while maximizing results. By understanding what customers are doing in real-time, companies can use these insights to predict future buying behaviors. With these actionable insights, businesses can begin implementing strategies that meet their respective clients’ needs while improving their own bottom line. Big Data is at the core of any Digital Transformation. Organizations can only move forward once they understand the crucial role Big Data plays. Artificial Intelligence is not a replacement for classic Data Integration practices; rather it is built on good Data Governance, Data Quality, and Data Visualization skills augmented with new Machine Learning technologies. The old adage still applies — “Bad data in, bad data out.” It is important for organizations not to be swayed by new buzzwords and ignore the fundamental building blocks such as Data Stewardship and Data Quality. Sam Biswal, CEO of Scalable Systems states, “For past 12 years, we…

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