Scarily Realistic AI Video Software Puts Words in Obama’s Mouth

Researchers have developed a new tool, powered by artificial intelligence, that can create realistic-looking videos of speech from any audio clip, and they’ve demoed the tech by synthesising four artificial videos of Barack Obama saying the same lines. The tool isn’t intended to create a flurry of fake news and put false words in people’s mouths though – it’s designed partly as a way to eventually spot forgeries and videos that aren’t all they appear to be. According to the team from the University of Washington, as long as there’s an audio source to use, the video can include realistic mouth shapes that are almost perfectly aligned to the words being spoken. Those synthesised shapes can then be grafted onto an existing video of someone talking. “These type of results have never been shown before,” says one of the researchers, Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman. “Realistic audio-to-video conversion has practical applications like improving video conferencing for meetings, as well as futuristic ones such as being able to hold a conversation with a historical figure in virtual reality.” “This is the kind of breakthrough that will help enable those next steps.” The video synthesising stages. Credit: University of Washington There are two parts to…

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