Scientist Develops Human Brain-Inspired Microchip

Written by AZoNanoSep 22 2016 Neuro-inspired computing has provided a common intersection for three seemingly varied fields: microelectronics, computing and neuroscience. As part of his National Science Foundation CAREER award, Shimeng Yu (right) is providing interdisciplinary educational opportunities in neuro-inspired computing research for students in his lab. Pictured Rui Liu (center), an electrical engineering student, and Ligang Gao, an assistant research scientist. (Credit: Pete Zrioka/ASU) Neuro-inspired computing is a growing area in computer engineering that intends to imitate the perception, cognition and action abilities of the human brain in our computer systems. Some of the first computing systems were inspired by neural systems. However, these systems adopted a different approach as they evolved. Shimeng Yu, an assistant professor believes that the field of computer engineering requires a radical shift back…

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