‘Scorpion’ TV inspiration talks artificial intelligence, robots

The Daily News | Patrick CalvertPublished 2 hours agoUpdated 1 hour agoDN PHOTO PATRICK CALVERT Robots, already common in manufacturing, will inevitably take over more and more tasks as they compete with humans for jobs, the real-life inspiration for the TV show “Scorpion” told a Ball State audience. “There are people doing blue collar work now in factories around the country, and blue collar work can be done by robots,” said Walter O’Brien, the inspiration for the character played by Elyes Gabel on the CBS show. O’Brien appeared May 25 via video conference for the Security and Software Engineering Research Center Showcase at the David Owsley Museum of Art. “Scorpion” depicts a team of computer experts who solve complex global problems and save others. Some of O’Brien’s claims about his…

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