Secretive AI Startup Pioneers Artificial Imagination

In the influx of deep learning startups, one stealth mode venture, Vicarious, has already made something of a name for itself. As reported in MIT Technology Review, the Silicon Valley-area company is working to give computers the power of imagination, or something close to it. The article reports that this innovative effort is going against the tide of deep learning front-runners like Google, Microsoft and Amazon, seeking a more evolved approach to deep learning that is closer to how the human brain works. Not content with deep neural networks that are trained to just recognize words, symbols and images, Vicarious has the ambitious goal to help a machine make sense of the real-world environment by imbuing it with an understanding of lower-level features, for example biological features, like water. Not many details have been disclosed…

Link to Full Article: Secretive AI Startup Pioneers Artificial Imagination

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