Self-Knowing and the Neuroscience Craze

The latest and worst craze in the Western mind’s attempt to understand the human mind is neuroscience in the hands of professional philosophers. These dubious twins are mounting a frontal attack on self-knowing, attempting a complete eclipsing of human autonomy and freedom by deeply confused empiricists.    Alex Rosenberg, co-director of the mind-bending mouthful, “The Center for Social and Philosophical Implications of Neuroscience in the Duke Initiative for Science and Society,” made a maddeningly obtuse attempt at philosophy of mind via neuroscience in a major American newspaper today. In a condescending piece entitled, “Why You Don’t Know Your Own Mind,” Rosenberg dogmatically asserts: “Introspection is not a reliable basis for self-knowledge.” Of course, he doesn’t say, only implies, what he means by introspection and self-knowledge, and assumes that we all…

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