Sensory CEO Todd Mozer on TrulySecure 2.0

TrulySecure 2.0 was released this morning and I recently had a chance to speak with Sensory’s CEO, Todd Mozer, about what’s new with this latest update. New And Improved TrulySecure is one of the flagship biometric solutions from Sensory, Inc. A biometric software platform, TrulySecure offers face and voice based biometric authentication on mobile devices, leveraging Deep Learning and neural networks to bolster the matching ability. Using the front facing camera and microphone that come standard on all smartphones for biometric capture, and having achieved FIDO Certified status, the most recent update—TrulySecure 2.0—is ready to bring contactless authentication to mobile users everywhere. “We’ve done some interim improvements so it’s not as big a leap from the current shipping version, but from the 1.0 to the 2.0 it’s really quite remarkable,” Sensory CEO…

Link to Full Article: Sensory CEO Todd Mozer on TrulySecure 2.0

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