Show MIT’s AI a picture of a meal and it will tell you how to cook it

Jason Dorfman, MIT CSAIL MIT has created an artificial intelligence algorithm which can accurately tell you the recipe behind a dish after being shown no more than a picture. what’s hot on zdnet With the emergence of social media, it is not only the spread of information which has grown but also the popularity of image sharing. Everything from cat pictures to cupcakes bombards the internet every day, but there may now be a use for the latest delicious meal your friend has shared on their social network accounts — as you may be able to cook it yourself just by having access to the picture. On Thursday, MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) said that a new artificial intelligence-based algorithm has been developed which can analyze still images of food in order to detect the likely ingredients and suggest a recipe to create the dish. The average recipe has nine ingredients and the most common ingredients found in today’s dishes are salt, butter, sugar, olive oil, water, eggs, garlic cloves, milk, flour, and onion. However, it takes more than the basics to create a masterpiece and this is where the algorithm comes in. The deep-learning AI system,…

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