Sightline Innovation congratulates Canada's National Microbiology Lab on Ebola vaccine

TORONTO, Aug. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ – Sightline Innovation Inc. wishes to congratulate Dr. Frank Plummer and the scientists that worked at the National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) to develop the Ebola vaccine (VSV-Vaccine), that is showing highly promising results from the trial in Guinea. This 15 year collaboration demonstrates the importance of a long-term vision for infectious disease management, and their focus on scientific excellence. 

Sightline is proud to have three members of Canada’s Ebola vaccine team as part of its Scientific Working Group (SWG) – Dr. Frank Plummer, Dr. Steven Jones and Dr. Judy Alimonti – and to interact closely with Dr. Gary Kobinger who serves as the head of the NML’s Special Pathogens Group. Together with others at the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Canadian Safety and Security Program, NewLink Genetics and the WHO, all have played roles in the development of Canada’s VSV-Vaccine. Dr. Jones is one of three inventors of the vaccine, Dr. Alimonti ran the program to develop the clinical trial lots, and Dr. Plummer led the development of the team and was the project champion between 2011-2014.

“Sightline moved to Manitoba to contribute to the community of scientific excellence fostered by the National Microbiology Lab, and the Universities of Winnipeg and Manitoba. This announcement reinforces that we made the right decision and intensifies our support because to flourish in such a highly competitive space, you need to be working amid the best minds in the world”, said Wallace Trenholm, Founder & CEO, who also added that “Winnipeg’s scientists and those that built the team are second to none.”

In collaboration with world-leading infectious disease scientists from the NML, Sightline is integrating deep learning and novel biosensing technology to develop its VuPoint biosecurity screening system. VuPoint will be the first of its kind: a real-time, self-serve, non-invasive pathogen detection platform for border checkpoints that will protect vulnerable global populations from pandemic threats.

About Sightline Innovation Inc.

Sightline is Canada’s only machine and deep learning (artificial intelligence) cloud services company that specializes in advanced quality inspection and data analytics servicing multiple verticals from healthcare to manufacturing. Sightline’s proprietary self-learning technology can detect patterns at a higher level of accuracy, quality and speed than legacy vision systems or archaic data analytical approaches, by uniquely mimicking human perception to see and act on what is happening in real-time.

Source: Sightline Innovation congratulates Canada's National Microbiology Lab on Ebola vaccine

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