Signpost Unveils Mia: Artificial Intelligence Meets CRM

Mia is your new marketing assistant, according to Signpost. Signpost is a marketing automation and CRM solution with out 6,000 customers, all of which are about to sample artificial intelligence in a new area of their business. Mia, their latest feature, uses “machine learning to eliminate the need for a traditional CRM and other forms of manual marketing.” Given Mia’s perceived intelligence, Signpost has been referring to her as a person, and apparently, she’s set to change the way marketers interact with customers. How She Works Mia gets stuff done all by herself. Here’s how: Creates Contact Records: Mia collects email, phone, and purchase data to create contact records. She tracks customer behaviour and updates their engagement in real-time. Automates CRM: Users just need to set objectives, such as; five-star reviews, customer referrals, generating…

Link to Full Article: Signpost Unveils Mia: Artificial Intelligence Meets CRM

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