Simple Steering Behaviours in C++


I’m trying to create an extremely simple steering library in C++ for 2D games:

My motivation is to get a basic, yet useful library out in the open, as there doesn’t seem to be any simple steering library out there.

I’ve just started yesterday, and I don’t have much yet, but I’ve got Box2D to handle physics and Qt Quick to get something on-screen for the one example that does exist. smile.png I’m trying to keep the library itself independent of any physics or graphics library.

I (and likely many others who find AI a bit daunting) would be extremely grateful to anyone who is interested in collaborating on this project, whether it’s hundreds of lines or a one-liner. I don’t know how else to get something like this started other than just creating it and seeing what happens…


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Source: Simple Steering Behaviours in C++

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