Siri versus Bixby: Can Samsung’s artificial intelligence compete?

Siri has been the queen of AI for a long time, she was one of the first fully operational AI personal assistants. With consistent updates, she set the benchmark for consumer AI technology. Sadly Siri is only available on iOS and Samsung fans have long yearned for their own companion as witty and intelligent as Siri. Now that long wait has come to an end with the release of Bixby, Samsung’s newest AI.  Bixby is currently only available for the Galaxy S8, but it will be integrated into all future phone releases.  Bixby knows your phone’s apps and how to use them. The AI is activated by pressing the button below the volume switch, Bixby can be activated even if the user is currently in an app.  The user can then use voice commands to control Bixby.  The AI can use apps linked to your camera, gallery and social media to complete complex commands. An example of this is the ability to send a selfie to a friend by simply saying, “Send my most recent photo to…” By using voice commands you can use Bixby to select playlists, songs or artists on your phone, without having to touch the device. …

Link to Full Article: Siri versus Bixby: Can Samsung’s artificial intelligence compete?

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