SK Telecom Introduces Artificial Intelligence Service NUGU

      SK Telecom today held a press conference at its Seoul headquarters to introduce NUGU, an artificial intelligence (A.I.) service based on voice recognition technology. The company has also shared plans to further develop its A.I. platform and services in cooperation with third party developers and customers. To be launched on September 1, 2016, NUGU marks the first virtual home assistant service that understands and processes the Korean language. With the aim to create an intelligent voice assistant that can interact in Korean, SK Telecom began developing advanced technologies in areas including artificial intelligence, speech recognition and natural language processing since 2012. In particular, NUGU boasts the highest voice recognition rate in Korea, understanding various voice tones, accent and dialects, and through the application of SK Telecom’s self-developed…

Link to Full Article: SK Telecom Introduces Artificial Intelligence Service NUGU

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