[slides] Machine Learning – It’s All About the Data | @CloudExpo #BigData #ML #MachineLearning

Download Slide Deck ▸ Here Download Slide Deck ▸ Here Machine Learning – It’s All About the Data Data is the fuel that drives the machine learning algorithmic engines and ultimately provides the business value. Download Slide Deck ▸ Here In his session at Cloud Expo, Ed Featherston, a director and senior enterprise architect at Collaborative Consulting, discussed the key considerations around quality, volume, timeliness, and pedigree that must be dealt with in order to properly fuel that engine. Download Slide Deck ▸ Here Speaker Bio Ed Featherston is a director/senior enterprise architect at Collaborative Consulting. He brings 35 years of technology experience in designing, building, and implementing large complex solutions. He has significant expertise in systems integration, Internet/intranet, and cloud technologies, Ed has delivered projects in various industries, including…

Link to Full Article: [slides] Machine Learning – It’s All About the Data | @CloudExpo #BigData #ML #MachineLearning

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