Slingshot expands strategic offering with a data scientist

SYDNEY – Communications strategy agency Slingshot has appointed data scientist Stuart Dennon into a newly created role – making him one of the only true data science specialists currently working at an Australian agency.

Dennon has over 25 years experience in statistical analysis, data modelling, regression, propensity modelling and media attribution and optimisation. He has worked across a range of categories including insurance, telco, automotive, financial services, energy, travel and credit risk. 

Simon Corbett, Slingshot’s strategy chief said: “Stu is much more than a data analyst, report generator, business analyst or even a researcher who can use Excel. He is a data scientist and SAS programmer who can go looking for untapped value in all the places that clients haven’t been looking. He works on realising the future you want instead of reporting on the past you had.

“Slingshot has built its reputation on helping clients unlock real and tangible value from their assets, not just their media spend. For most clients in the future the most important and valuable asset they will have will be their data. Therefore we think it is vital for us to be helping our clients truly understand, appreciate and ultimately apply the value that lies dormant in their data. Many of the Slingshot clients are challenger brands in their marketplace, by helping these clients unlock actionable insights through their data we will give them the significant competitive advantage they need not just to compete but to win.”

Corbett added: “In keeping with our transparent approach, we don’t try and confuse and frighten our clients by creating (or perpetuating) fear, uncertainty and doubt, just so that we can try and charge more. We believe that if we can simplify and demystify data for our clients then we are far more likely to keep helping them in the long term. Our unique processes are agile, allowing us to begin to uncover insights for clients in hours and days not weeks and months.”

Dennon said: “I’ve spent roughly 58,000 hours applying my training in scientific method, experimental design, economics, finance, marketing, statistics, statistics, and more statistics to bring data to bear upon questions important to clients. I’m delighted marketers have at last discovered the majesty and power of science and data, I’m also delighted to be working for a progressive company like Slingshot who recognises the importance of data science having a seat at the main strategy table.”

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Source: Slingshot expands strategic offering with a data scientist

Via: Google Alert for Data Science

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