So you think you know what is Artificial Intelligence?

When you think of Artificial Intelligence, the first thing that comes to mind is either Robots or Machines with Brains or Matrix or Terminator or Ex Machina or any of the other amazing concepts having machines that can think. This is an appropriate but vague understanding of Artificial Intelligence. In this article we’ll see what A.I. really is and how the definition has changed in the past. While generalizing or defining a new concept/discipline, it is beneficial to set right goals and define the field by what we hope to achieve with it, along with how will we achieve it. Since Artificial Intelligence is a vast topic, embodying the knowledge of many domains of science, it’s definition has evolved rapidly in the recent years. The diagram below contains 8 definitions from different textbooks. Each of these definitions describe what is A.I. in a different sense. Lets understand how. Credit — Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig The various definition have been grouped into 4 different dimensions or schools of thought, based on what we want our A.I. to achieve and how we measure its success. As can be seen in the diagram, the definitions set the goal of Artificial Intelligence, either based on thought…

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