Solomon Technologies to unveil next brainchild

KOLOA — Imagine a computer that knows who you are and what you want. Now, imagine that computer with a voice and the ability to communicate with you. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the wave of the future, but Aidan and Reagan Wilson are already knocking on the door of a breakthrough. Aidan, 16, and Reagan, 13, are the two wunderkinds behind Solomon Technologies, based out of a studio in their family home in Koloa, where they continue to revolutionize the field of customized computers. While they’re still spending countless hours building water-cooled computers, the teenagers aren’t satisfied with just making computers. They’re focused on making history. “All of these huge companies are trying to develop AI through these softwares and programs, but how can you have AI in a computer that doesn’t function like a brain does?” Reagan said. “A chip that functions like a brain that has all the processors of a neuron, will be able to see and record the data. So you come inside, it will have cameras and it will see your face. It knows you are, what you like. It can recall data unlike most computers.” In other words, “It’s just like Jarvis from ‘Iron…

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