Sophos Buys Machine Learning Vendor Barricade

Sophos has announced the acquisition of Irish security firm Barricade, adding behavior-based analytics to its endpoint offering. Barricade offer a technology platform that it claims can enhance the ability to identify malicious or suspicious behaviour by using machine learning and artificial intelligence. It said that this works by extending the capabilities of rule-based detection technologies, that will be increasingly challenged to keep up with the growth of sophisticated and complex attack patterns. Sophos will maintain the offices in the Republic of Ireland with Barricade CEO David Coallier and the team of developers, data scientists and engineers joining the Sophos Cloud group. Coallier said: “We are proud of the technology we have built and are pleased to join the team at Sophos focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning based security…

Link to Full Article: Sophos Buys Machine Learning Vendor Barricade

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