Splunk ups the machine-learning ante

I wrote just the other day of Elastic’s acquisition of machine-learning company Prelert and how Elastic believed the deal would see it take market share from Splunk, the publicly listed granddaddy in the space (assuming, of course, you can have a granddaddy in a space that is only a decade or so old). Anyway, Splunk heard the claim, and didn’t like it. The company had a machine learning announcement Tuesday and is trying to articulate just how much it offers beyond what Prelert (and other vendors) can offer. The overarching announcement is that of the new version of Splunk’s various products — Splunk Enterprise, Splunk IT Service Intelligence, Splunk Enterprise Security and Splunk User Behavior Analytics. All of these individual products have been “souped up” with the latest Splunk take…

Link to Full Article: Splunk ups the machine-learning ante

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