The BICO Artificial Intelligence optimization platform is enabling schemes across the globe to reduce CO2 emissions while increasing scheme ridership.

LONDON, 24th October 2018 – Stage Intelligence, the leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform provider for Mobility and Logistics, has released data showing how AI directly impacts Bike Share Scheme growth, efficiency and sustainability. Across Bike Share Schemes in Divvy Bikes (Chicago), City Bikes (Helsinki) and MIBICI (Guadalajara, Mexico), AI has been able to deliver positive outcomes for riders, scheme operators and the cities themselves.

One of the largest and most costly challenges in Bike Share Schemes is the redistribution of bikes across a city. The BICO AI optimization platform enables Bike Share Schemes to ensure bikes are available where they are needed, and docks are free when a rider ends their journey. A rider experience optimized with BICO’s AI drives repeat and regular use of the Bike Share Scheme resulting in increased riders and the reduction of redistribution trucks and staffing resources.

Ridership Growth Since Deploying Stage Intelligence’s BICO AI Platform:

  • Divvy Bikes, Chicago: Ridership increased by 0.75 Rides Per Day
  • MIBICI, Guadalajara: Ridership increased by 1.5 Rides Per Day
  • City Bikes, Helsinki: Ridership increased by 5.5 Rides Per Day

“When you see ridership growth increase, it means more riders are enjoying a reliable scheme and making it part of their daily routine while operators are increasing profitability. Each ride per day adds to a scheme’s bottom line and enables it to grow and scale effectively/efficiently,” said Tom Nutley, CEO at Stage Intelligence. “We are seeing AI create more liveable cities with sustainable transportation solutions, reducing traffic and improving air quality. That will have a lasting impact on how we experience urban environments.”

Over the last 12 months, the BICO AI optimization platform was able to reduce the number of miles driven by redistribution trucks by 10,000 miles with 100,000 less bikes being moved. With less redistribution trucks on the road, CO2 emissions caused by redistribution trucks were reduced by 10 metric tonnes, enabling schemes to reduce their carbon footprint while offering green transportation options moving one step closer to carbon neutral operations.

Divvy Bikes in Chicago is one example, they have seen a reduction of 4,000 hours of redistribution time which equates to 2.2 drivers per annum. This means there are less trucks on the road, new efficiencies in operations and an increase in ridership year on year. BICO enables them to optimize its resource management and ensure it is giving riders the best possible experience.

The BICO AI optimization platform enables users to collect, manage and visualise vast amounts of data and turn this data into actionable insights to drive growth within businesses. It enables users to automate processes to increase agility and adaptability whilst moving away from traditional reactive manual processes.

“The number of trips per bike has increased significantly in recent years, however we are continuing to work with the same resources as two years ago with the Government providing re-balancing vehicles for the scheme. Currently, during the week we register more than 12,000 trips per day, that is, about 6 trips per bicycle per day. This means that MIBICI represents an efficient transportation alternative for people and has had a very high level of acceptance,” said Mario Delgado, director of BKT bici pública Operator of MIBICI, a project from ‘Gobierno del Estado de Jalisco, Mexico’.

“In this context, the BICO platform has been an invaluable tool for the operation of the system, we have obtained greater performance of the vehicles and has been adapted to our additional strategies for the rebalancing,” Delgado added.

About Stage Intelligence

Stage Intelligence specialises in developing Artificial Intelligence solutions for the transport and logistics industry. Its flagship solution, the BICO AI optimization platform, delivers real-time intelligence for the management of Bike Share Schemes and other forms of mobility.

BICO enables precise and optimal decision making and has been purpose-built to remove the complexity from managing resources within a Bike Share Scheme. Partners choose Stage Intelligence because its solutions increase their agility, adaptability and enables them to move beyond traditional manual processes.

Since its inception in 2011, Stage has collaborated with leading Bike Share operators from around the world to solve complex problems and deliver solutions that have a lasting impact on their operations.





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