Statistica Embraces Python In Bid for ‘Collective Intelligence’

Organizations that use the new release of Dell’s Statistica software package can now incorporate separate Python models into their analytic workflows. It’s the latest in the computer giant’s new open approach to advanced analytics, dubbed “collective intelligence.” In the world of advanced analytics, there are often two camps: those who place their faith in proprietary suites from the likes of Statistica, SAS, Mathworks, and IBM‘s SPSS, and those who embrace open source tools like Python, R, S (a precursor to R), and Weka. Adherents on each side will fiercely defend the advantages of their approach, with little common ground in between. Now Dell is extending an olive branch toward the open source tools that it would ostensibly  compete with Statistica, the proprietary suite of analytic software the Round Rock, Texas…

Link to Full Article: Statistica Embraces Python In Bid for ‘Collective Intelligence’

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