‘Sunday Today’ Covers Artificial Intelligence, ‘Hamilton’ And New Trends

The new NBC show, titled Sunday Today, starring Willie Geist, premiered and began to cover the hottest topics of the week and modern times. Those topics were wide and broad-ranging, covering everything from Julia Louis Dreyfus hosting Saturday Night Live and resurrecting her Seinfeld character, to the latest Broadway smash, “Hamilton.” See you in the morning, team… pic.twitter.com/XJcI8eEqQs — Willie Geist (@WillieGeist) April 17, 2016 Sunday Today provided a snippet of the hottest trends during the past week, such as the family who tricked their sister into thinking there was a zombie apocalypse after she was still high on drugs from her dentist visit. Beyond the most viral stories of the week, Sunday Today also covered futuristic topics that aren’t so much a part of the future anymore as they…

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