Super Robot Wars: China Wants to Wrest AI Dominance from the US by 2030

The plan, which has been approved by the highest levels of Beijing authority, outlines a 13-year plan to bring China to the forefront of the burgeoning field of AI. “Artificial intelligence has become a new engine of economic development,” the document reads, translated to English. “We must take initiative to firmly grasp this new stage of development for artificial intelligence and create a new competitive edge.” The initiative has been split up into three phases. By 2020, China intends to be home to world-leading AI enterprises, with an AI industry valued at 1 trillion yuan ($148 billion). By 2025, they intend to quintuple the industry’s value to 5 trillion yuan with world-leading technological breakthroughs, and by 2030 they intend to be the world leader in AI technology and economics with a 10 trillion yuan AI industry. Naturally, China will face stiff competition in their economic partner and rival, the United States. American tech giants such as Alphabet, Microsoft and Apple have all made strides in the nascent industry. Five billion in venture capital was invested into American AI start-ups in 2016 alone. But China has tech companies of its own, such as Baidu and Tencent, which have both explored AI in their own right. China is already neck-and-neck with the States in the related field of supercomputing, and their universities pumped out more papers on deep learning (a key concept in AI) in 2016 than their American counterparts did. The…

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