Supercomputing Gets Smaller with New NVIDIA Box

NVIDIA’s DGX-1 GPU giant NVIDIA has announced the arrival of the DGX-1, a relatively pint sized packet the company is touting as the world’s first “supercomputer in a box.” According to NVIDIA, the 132 lb (60 kg) DGX-1 has a 170-teraflop performance and is tuned to focus on solving problems that are still mystifying engineers working on deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI). To power its new supercomputer-in-miniature, NVIDIA has packed the DGX-1 with eight 16 GB Pascal-powered Telsa GP100 GPUs, 512 GB of RAM, and a 1.92 terabyte solid state drive. What’s most interesting about about the DGX-1 is that NVIDIA has tied together each of the machine’s GPUs via its Pascal architecture and NVIDIA NVLink, a high-speed bi-directional chip interconnect. With these two elements in place, applications developed…

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