TapClicks Launches New Technology Partnership With Tableau Software

San Jose, CA – July 10, 2017 – (Newswire.com)TapClicks, a world-class marketing analytics and reporting platform, announces a technology partnership with Tableau Software, the world leader in Business Intelligence (BI) and visualized analytics. The connection lets users of both platforms report and analyze their TapClicks data within their Tableau BI dashboards. The Tableau partnership extends the reach of TapClicks marketing data by bringing together previously siloed and obscured information. Marketing teams aggregate and report on their marketing data in TapClicks; data science and business intelligence professionals can then pull the TapClicks marketing data into their Tableau dashboards to analyze more of the company’s business data in a single space. The technology partnership is particularly helpful for enterprise and agency businesses who rely heavily on private and SaaS data stores visualized in BI software, and any company who needs a scalable way to collect and make marketing data available for analysis within Tableau alongside other business-critical data like financial information and CRM records. The connection bypasses the need for IT oversight and cleansing on marketing data, making it instantly available in Tableau without needing to pass through IT on its way to data science. TapClicks offers connections to over 170 data…

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