Teaching Computers How to Give Cricket Commentary

In the future, will journalists be put out of their jobs by robots? It’s a distinct possibility, starting with live coverage of sporting events. In a research paper published late last month, Rahul Anand Sharma, and CV Jawahar, scientists at IIIT Hyderabad, along with Pramod Sankar K, of Xerox Research Center India, explain how they used machine learning techniques to generate text-based cricket commentary, with an accuracy rate of 90 percent. “In the first stage, the video is segmented into ‘scenes’, by utilising the scene category information extracted from text commentary. The second stage consists of classifying videoshots as well as the phrases in the textual description into various categories. The relevant phrases are then suitably mapped to the video-shots,” says an excerpt from the paper titled “Fine-Grain Annotation of…

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