Tech giants betting on AI for the future

For more on this, we are joined in the studio by CCTV’s Jin Yingqiao.Q1, Tell us more about some of the new trends in the industry in China.A1,  It seems like everyone is betting on AI, or Artificial Intelligence, for the future. Be it Google, Facebook, IBM, Amazon or Apple racing against each other globally. And in China, tech giants the BAT, or Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, and Huawei, and home appliance makers Midea and Changhong all have weighed in. For Baidu, it’s about voice technology and driverless cars. Actually in voice recognition technology, companies like Baidu and iflytek are leading the world. And in the field of facial recognition, Chinese companies like the Face++ are also on par with international rivals.  Midea has spent three months acquiring about 95…

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