TechRepublic’s ‘swarm AI’ predicts the Preakness

Image: iStock/marlenka Can AI see into the future? If you believe in Unanimous A.I., the answer may be “yes.” The company’s software platform, UNU, uses an artificial “swarm” that capitalizes on the power of group intelligence. The human “swarm” gathers online, in real time, to make a prediction. When making guesses about future outcomes — Which horse will win the Kentucky Derby? Who will win an Oscar for best male lead? — traditional methods like polls, crowdsourcing, prediction markets, or expert opinions are still the go-to source for answers. But, maybe, they shouldn’t be. Unanimous A.I.’s algorithm, based around how natural swarms of animals come to collective decisions, has been remarkably accurate in predicting the outcome of events — and has proven to be a better bet than relying on…

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