Tesla, Salesforce.com among Forbes’ most innovative companies

Forbes revealed its sixth annual list of the world’s most innovative companies Wednesday on “CBS This Morning,” ranking companies using an algorithm to measure investor enthusiasm. Topping their list was electric car giant Tesla. “They have new plans constantly. It really never stops. And especially with something like high-end electric cars, moving towards a self-driving car, it’s something that investors can get excited about but also that consumers can really understand,” Forbes chief of reporters Kathryn Dill said. Play Video CBS This Morning Salesforce CEO on using business for social activism Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff slammed Indiana’s governor last year over a law designed to protect religious freedom. Critics claimed it discriminat… Salesforce.com came in second, with its CEO, Mark Benioff, gracing the Forbes cover. “You look at Mark Benioff, he’s betting…

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