The 100 Season 3: Jaha to team up with Raven and Wick?

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With The 100 Season 3 returning to the show’s sci-fi roots, will unexpected alliances form following the introduction of the artificial intelligence robot A.L.I.E.? Find out what actor Isaiah Washington, who plays former Ark Chancellor Jaha, had to say about his character’s storyline in the upcoming season

Isaiah Washington plays former Ark Chancellor Jaha

The 100 Season 2 finale saw Jaha and Murphy finally come across a semblance of civilization after traveling for days throughout the desert. Murphy got injured by a giant lake monster while the pair crossed a dangerous body of water for the last leg of their journey, but not to worry! Murphy ended up finding a sick pad stocked with booze, music, and more all left in pristine condition. Jaha, on the other hand, continued to travel onward and came across a mansion with an artificial intelligence robot named A.L.I.E. in the form of a holographic woman. Surprisingly, A.L.I.E. had been expecting Jaha, and thanked him for bringing the missile that he came down to Earth in. It seems that A.L.I.E. played a part in destroying the world nearly a century before, and it’s clear that her diabolical plans aren’t finished just yet. Jaha, being the stand up guy that he is, seemed to already sense something not right about A.L.I.E., but fans will have to wait until Season 3 airs to see more of their interaction.

the 100 season 3 jaha raven wick isaiah washington alie sci fi artificial intelligence robot 2Will Jaha team up with Raven and Wick to take down A.L.I.E.?

At the San Diego Comic Con Isaiah Washington, who plays Jaha, teased that his character won’t fall into A.L.I.E.’s trap and will instead stand up against her. However, he’ll need some help, mechanically speaking. Raven and Wick he’s talking about you guys. Washington explained: “I don’t want to spoil it, but there’s only one other character that can handle that level of engineering. Actually two characters, outside of the artificial intelligence itself. Obviously, Jaha is going to have to try and connect with A.L.I.E. to do whatever he needs to do.” Speaking of our favorite engineers, it’s possible that Raven and Wick will be the shows’ newest romantic liaison. Viewers will remember that Raven and Wick slept together the day before the Sky People launched their attack on Mount Weather, and showrunner Jason Rothenberg argued that it wasn’t just casual sex, claiming: “Raven felt something & it scared her.” We at melty hope to see the pair find love in a hopeless place next season. That said, the cast of The 100 recently answered fans’ most burning Season 3 questions, click here to find out what they had to say. Do you hope to see Jaha team up with Raven and Wick?

The 100 Season 3: Jaha to team up with Raven and Wick?

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