The Artificial Intelligence Revolution is Coming for Home Health

When ads appear in a web browser with an uncanny match to the viewer’s interests, it’s a result of predictive analysis through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology. CareCentrix, a home health coordination company that works with payors and providers to create managed care networks, is using the same science to collect and assess data to reduce home health care costs and enable seniors to age in place. “We’re right at the edge of a revolution with artificial intelligence and machine learning, particularly it’s use in the health care space,” Steve Wogen, CareCentrix chief growth officer, told Home Health Care News. “Our goal is to create a world where anyone can age at home.” CareCentrix’s AI-driven care coordination platform, HomeBridge, is fueled by a database of information, including clinical information that is typically available in discharge orders, claims data, patient demographic details, retail purchasing habits of the patient and more. The smart analytics tool then uses algorithms to process this data and create customized health care plans for individual patients. Bridging the Gap Through this process, HomeBridge identifies potential issues or gaps in care and alerts clinicians so they can develop a post acute care plan for home health care providers that will…

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