The Edge SME Forum 2017: Transformative intelligence

We live in a new data-driven reality and companies will have to familiarise themselves with the new normal and figure out how to make decisions, identify opportunities and leverage their data. IBM Malaysia’s director of government and regulatory affairs Hasnul Nadzrin Shah Abdul Halim says the key characteristics of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are the cyberphysical systems. “Intelligence exists within the machines themselves. These machines are connected, which means they are aware of what is happening around them, not only within the physical locality but also on a global level. They are able to react to the production supply chain and the global market.” Basically, there is too much data out there for a human to process. “If you were operating in a manufacturing facility in the 1970s, you would be dealing with 20 parameters. Today, you have to deal with about 2,000 parameters in trying to make decisions. It is not humanly possible to go through all that data,” says Hasnul. He was speaking at The Edge SME Forum 2017 on IBM Watson @ Work: The transformative power of AI. So, how does a business get on top of all the data? This is where augmented or artificial intelligence…

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