The Ethics Of Design And The Internet Of Things

Imagine a smart city. Maybe you have a favorite city in mind that could manage its traffic in a better. Maybe the smart city you imagine is more futuristic, inspired by a video game. As real-world artificial intelligence becomes more heavily discussed (and, for some, closer to reality), people begin to ask: where is the “soul” in the machine when it comes to AI and the Internet of Things? In a seminar hosted by the industry association the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IoT and AI professionals addressed this question and how AI and IoT could be used to work together in the future. The full presentation can be found here. Panelists B.C. “Heavy” Biermann, an educator and artist, and Heather Schlegel, futurist and social scientist, sat down with moderator Jay…

Link to Full Article: The Ethics Of Design And The Internet Of Things

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