The future won’t wait

2017-07-23 06:05 Tebogo Khaas The influence and impact technology has on how we do things is immense, inevitable and irreversible. The fourth industrial revolution compels us to think creatively about our future including, of course, our education systems. It enjoins us to overhaul archaic pedagogical models and strategically use the “internet of things” to prepare the future workforce for the, mainly unknown, challenges that lie ahead. Let me explain. The boundaries between the internet, the physical world and its more than 7 billion inhabitants are becoming increasingly blurry. Terminology such as “robotics”, “artificial intelligence”, “autonomous vehicles”, “mobile computing”, “smartphone”, “virtual reality”, “internet of things”, “3-D printing”, “analytics”, “clean energy” and other disruptive technologies and applications are at the centre of what is conceived to be the fourth industrial revolution. The most efficient and biggest taxi-hailing service in the world, Uber, doesn’t own any taxis, while the largest online hospitality service in the world, Airbnb, doesn’t own any properties. Amazon, the third largest retailer in the world, and Alibaba are fast closing in on Walmart and CVS. These companies are reaping the rewards of adopting disruptive technologies and applications that radically change industries. It is, therefore, not inconceivable for the world’s…

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