The House of Lords is seeking answers to AI’s big questions

The upper house’s select committee wants written submissions on the future of artificial intelligence AI means big things for the way society operates, but the technology is definitely outpacing legislative scrutiny. Elon Musk, for his part, thinks that AI should be regulated proactively rather than reactively to avoid a “fundamental risk to the existence of human civilisation.” So it’s probably for the best that parliament is taking an active interest in things. Specifically, the House of Lords, which is now inviting contributions to consider the “economic, ethical and social implications of advances in artificial intelligence.” Led by Lord Clement-Jones, the inquiry will seek “pragmatic solutions to the issues presented” when it files its report by 31 March 2018. “The Committee wants to use this inquiry to understand what opportunities exist for society in the development and use of artificial intelligence, as well as what risks there might be,” explained Clement-Jones. To that end, the select committee has released a series of questions the inquiry aims to cover, and they seem pretty far reaching in getting a good oversight of both the risks and opportunities AI presents. They are: What is the current state of artificial intelligence? How is it likely…

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