The indico Machine Learning Team’s Take on TensorFlow

Earlier this week, Google released TensorFlow, an open source library for numerical computation. Given the general frothiness around machine learning, we thought folks might appreciate a simple, straightshootin’ take from indico’s Machine Learning team. Unlike a random person on the Internet, we deal with this stuff daily, and can hopefully shed some light on how this works in an environment where machine learning code is built and shipped constantly.First, the code (check it out on Github) We’re big fans of Theano, and folks seem to enjoy Alec’s tutorials showing how to use it to implement machine learning models, from simple linear regression to convolutional neural networks. Since we were curious to see how TensorFlow compares, Nathan reimplemented the same model progression using TensorFlow. Check it out, and let us know…

Link to Full Article: The indico Machine Learning Team’s Take on TensorFlow

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