The Middleman Strikes Back

Ezra GalstonCrunch Network Contributor Ezra Galston is a venture capitalist with Chicago Ventures. More posts by this contributor: The Trillion-Dollar Market To Remake Business Applications Unpacking Etsy’s S1 Dropbox, Spotify, Gmail, Skype: Are We In A Subscription Bubble? How to join the networkOne of the great promises of the Internet — a democratic, transparent, open network that would disintermediate entrenched industries, remove fee-taking middlemen and thereby lower the costs of goods — has seemingly been realized. Priceline and Expedia mostly killed travel agents; Prosper and Avant are fast disrupting bank loan officers; and the car salesman has been diminished in favor of eBay, Autotrader and Craigslist. And yet, just as surely as we thought they were gone for good, middlemen have come surging back to life — rebranded as our best friends: the personal concierge.…

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