The negative side of artificial intelligence

A self-driving car for an experimental purpose was released on the quiet roads of New Jersey. The car didn’t look different from other self-driven cars, but it was not intrinsically similar to showcased by Tesla, Google, Apple or General Motors. This car is the latest example of artificial Intelligence. It didn’t follow any instructions given by the programmer or engineer. Instead, it had totally relied on artificial intelligence (AI). Getting a self-driving car to drive along these lines was an amazing accomplishment. But at the same time, it is a bit unsettling since it is not totally evident how the self-driving car settles on its choices. Data from the vehicle’s sensors goes straight into an enormous system of counterfeit neurons that procedure the information and afterward convey the charges required to work with the controlling wheel, brakes and different frameworks. The result was as good as you would expect from a human driver. But on the other side, what if one day it crashes into another car, or accelerate on a red signal? It is very difficult to find why as of now because the system is so advanced that even the designers or engineers might struggle to identify the…

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