The New King of Toys

The New King of Toys In re-imagining vintage slot car racing, Anki set the bar for 21st century play: make it a phone app, use plenty of AI, and don’t forget laser warfare. If Elvis Presley’s still alive, he’ll love the Anki Overdrive. The King may be baffled to hear the hottest high-tech toy of the holiday season was developed by a team of robotics and artificial-intelligence engineers to be a “game engine in the real world.” He may not know how to use smartphone apps to control its remote-control cars in a videogame battle. And he will surely be baffled by their fantastical array of simulated weapons, from “repulser fields” to “tachyon disruptors.” Then again, Elvis would immediately recognize the Anki Overdrive as an updated version of the present…

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