The next wave of disruption: super-smart cities 2020

The Internet of Things (IoT) drove Toronto to win the 2014 Intelligent Community Forum’s (ICF) top prize. Why Toronto? This is due to an array of reasons such as ICT investment, heavy focus on a digital business economy, quality fibre networks, good broadband internet, and leading data centres (eg. 151 data centres). Similarly, the upcoming December 3 Technicity 2015 will explore the connected city playbook increasingly founded on IoT. The ICF’s Smart21 are the best 21 communities globally of finalists leading to the top prize and it’s worth having a look to gain lessons to implement in your community. For 2015, we have Edmonton, Sherbrooke, and Surrey. For 2016, we have Hamilton, Lambton County, Lethbridge, Montreal, Oshawa, Ottawa, Surrey, and Winnipeg—nearly 40 per cent of the Smart21 are Canadian. If you look under…

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