The Power of Artificial Intelligence for Government Agencies

Freedom of information: It’s not just an act – it’s a fundamental principle of American democracy. Without unfettered access to facts, citizens can’t make informed judgments about government, causing a breakdown of the marketplace of ideas. Unfortunately, much of the vast troves of data compiled by the government today are trapped in silos and stockpiled in unstructured formats, rendering them unusable not only by the public or private enterprise, but even by the government agencies themselves. What’s needed is a means of rapidly and accurately ingesting, analyzing and indexing the data that governmental organizations are generating. Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can provide just such a method, processing, managing, and understanding all kinds of data stored in the cloud and elsewhere to deliver unprecedented insights for government agencies and the general public. However, finding the right AI technology that meets the unique needs of government agencies can be difficult. That’s why Veritone Government was established. Veritone Government provides AI solutions specifically designed to support the missions of state, local and federal government agencies on global basis. Veritone Government brings to bear the full power of the Veritone Platform, a system that intelligently orchestrates more than 65 best-of-breed cognitive engines to reveal…

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