The race to the finish for self-driving cars

In a discussion with Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, Musk also touched on several other topics: On energy: Musk noted that it would only take about 100 square miles of solar panels to power the entire United States and the batteries needed to store the energy would only need to take about a square mile. That said, he imagines the energy shifting to a large dose of rooftop solar, some power plant solar, along with wind, hydro and nuclear power. “It’s inevitable,” Musk said, speaking of shifting to sustainable energy. “But it matters if it happens sooner or later.” As for those pushing some other type of fusion, Musk notes that the sun is a giant fusion reactor in the sky. “It’s really reliable,” he said. “It comes up every day. if it doesn’t we’ve got [other] problems.” On artificial intelligence: Musk said it represents a real existential threat to humanity and a rare example of where regulation needs to be proactive, saying that if it is reactive it could come too late. “In my opinion it is the biggest risk that we face as a civilization,” he said. No matter what, he said, “there will certainly be a lot of…

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