The Real-Life Ghostbusters of the Brain

“In a sense, we are absolutely the ghosts we are sensing, Giulio Rognini, Ph.D., a senior scientist at EPFL’s Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience, says. Rognini is part of a team of researchers at Switzerland’s Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne that might be best described as the real-life ghostbusters. The team is attempting to understand what makes our brains want to believe that apparitions are ghosts. While he’s more than willing to admit that ghostly sensations are completely real, he’ll be the first to point out that they’re not actually caused by ghosts. In his work, he’s discovered that many such “encounters” are actually caused by a series of brain malfunctions, which trick us into attributing our movements and sensations to someone else. Rognini’s particular line of research focuses on a…

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