The Second Wind of Machine Learning

In this special guest feature, Serge Haziyev, VP Technology Services Group at SoftServe, discusses how machine learning was known back in 80s as an approach to achieve Artificial Intelligence and why it took so long to achieve today’s incredible results. And what are the goals and challenges that lie ahead?. Serhiy (Serge) Haziyev is a VP Technology Services Group at SoftServe. He has more than 18 years’ experience in designing, evaluating and modernizing large scale software architectures in various technology domains including BI, Big Data, Clouds, SOA and Carrier-grade telecommunication services for both Fortune 100 and startups. He is a co-author of the architectural poker game currently used by leading institutions to teach students to architect Big Data solutions. Also, Serge is a co-author of Big Data chapter in the…

Link to Full Article: The Second Wind of Machine Learning

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