The Trend-Spotting Trend

The Trend-Spotting Trend By MILT POLICZER       Lawyers are like regular people after all.     I know this is a controversial opinion, but check out an article that appeared this month on the Law Technology Today website, called “Top Five Trends in Legal Technology.”     What do you think you lawyers out there are doing to stay at the top of your profession?     Here’s the list: mobile applications, movement to the cloud, security, analytics, and artificial intelligence.     Hmmm.     You may be wondering what profession is not doing those things.     OK, there are a lot of professions not doing those things, but you have to admit a lot of other professions are doing them.     If those are really the top five trends for lawyers, then lawyers aren’t exactly innovating.     Of course, lawyers don’t need to be technologically unique, but I have some…

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