Theoretical Tinnitus framework: A Neurofunctional Model

1Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, 1 USP – University of São Paulo, Brazil 2Institute of Mathematics and computer science, USP- University of Sao Paulo, Brazil 32Universidade Federal do ABC, Cognitive and Complex Systems Unit, UFABC-Federal University of ABC, Brazil 4Research and development, WHO.Inc- World Hearing Organization, USA 5Translational Neuroscience Program,, ICSS-Institute for Cognitive Sciences Studies, Iran 6Faculty of Medicine, USP-University of Sao Paulo, Brazil 7Ganze Sanchez Institute, Brazil Subjective tinnitus is the conscious (attended) awareness perception of sound in the absence of an external source and can be classified as an auditory phantom perception. The current tinnitus development models depend on the role of external events congruently paired with the causal physical events that precipitate the phantom perception. We propose a novel Neurofunctional tinnitus model to indicate that the…

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