There’s a Startup That’s Building the AI From ‘Her’

To date, the promises of AI have largely remained unfulfilled. 2016’s cast of artificial characters—Siri, Cortana, Alexa—are still glorified chatbots, summoned only when we remember to check the weather, or when we need a gimmick at a house party. Real artificial intelligence—the kind that thinks; the kind that feels; the kind that observes; the kind you might fall in love with if you’re not careful—is still a developer’s daydream. Meanwhile, the AI we do have seem trapped in the same cycle of incremental evolution as the devices they inhabit. And perhaps that’s exactly the problem. Maybe AI isn’t supposed to be an app on a smartphone, or a software program on a speaker. Maybe it demands a dedicated device. Maybe it deserves its own body—not a humanoid body, of course, but a practical one;…

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