These 5 Fields Will Be The First Hotbeds For Artificial Intelligence

Shutterstock Artificial intelligence wiggled its way into the movie industry decades before it reached business viability. Blockbusters like “The Terminator,” “Star Trek,” and “Iron Man” captivated viewers with futuristic ideas about how AI would change the world. Now that AI is actually influencing the real world, though, business leaders are starting to see that it’s not all evil robots and smart armor. In fact, top tech companies are hustling to bring AI to market in a variety of exciting (and certainly less sinister) ways. Facebook debuted its AI research initiative, FAIR, earlier this year. Not to be outdone by a younger brother, Microsoft and Google both announced their own AI research programs just this month. A stack of startups are throwing their silicon caps into the ring as well. Angel List counts nearly 3,000 of them to date. Add it all up, and the AI market could be worth almost $50 billion by 2020. Best Bets for AI Disruption No longer far-fetched fiction, artificial intelligence is here, and it’s about to rebuild business. The following five industries — among many, many others — will be transformed by AI: 1. Digital Marketing Marketing automation tools have already turned digital marketing on its head. Today’s marketers use AI to analyze customer…

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