This art really gets inside your head

Twisty, shiny, and sometimes otherworldly depictions of the brain are popping up across the country. Artists say they want to use the pieces to inspire people to contemplate what’s happening inside their heads. And also, to turn those heads. Take the giant sculpture that will soon be installed at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT in Cambridge’s Kendall Square. The headquarters sit on the third floor, so when you walk in off the street, all you see is a stairwell, an elevator, and the bathrooms. Enter Ralph Helmick, a sculptor who is working on a massive piece of art suspended from the ceiling. Helmick’s piece consists of 100 unique bronze-and-stainless-steel neurons that will stream from the ceiling, each hanging on three wires. As visitors enter on the ground floor, the cloud of neurons cascading from the ceiling…

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