This Beer Is Perfected Through Artificial Intelligence

IntelligentX Beer refines its own recipe based on Facebook Messenger feedback Meet the world’s first beer crafted by artificial intelligence: IntelligentX. To create the perfect batch, the London-based brewing company behind the project collects customer feedback through a Facebook Messenger bot then inputs that information into an algorithm to tweak the beer’s recipe. [embedded content] IntelligentX cofounders Hew Leith and Rob McInerney are the two collaborators on the project.  “We take all the choices: the ingredients, the methods and so on, and put that in a data structure that the AI understands,” said McInerney. IntelligentX affectionately calls its algorithm ABI for Automatic Brewing Intelligence. IntelligentX beers are brewed in four varieties — golden, amber, pale and black — though it is unclear how curious drinkers can get their hands on a bottle. A cryptic message on…

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